ENISA organises the fourth edition of the CTI-EU event on 7 December 2022 in Brussels. This is a great opportunity for the CTI Community to review the most relevant topics on the domain. The main objective of the CTI-EU event is to bring experts, researchers, practitioners and academics together to promote the dialogue and envision the future of Cyber Threat Intelligence for Europe. The participation is free of charge.

CTI-EU is a one day event for cybersecurity practitioners and enthusiasts to discuss Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). A space for short, carefully prepared talks and demonstrations to foster learning and provoke conversations. The typical presentation should be an up to 15-minute talk by a single presenter. The agenda includes talks about good practices, tools, and standards in the CTI domain. I will be presenting on some lessons learned about CTI knowledge management.

See you there :)

CTI-EU Event: https://www.enisa.europa.eu/events/2022-cti-eu-conference

CTI-EU Agenda: https://www.enisa.europa.eu/events/2022-cti-eu-conference-1/enisa-cti-eu-conference-agenda.pdf

CTI-EU Registration Form: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/ENISACTIEUConference


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