Setting Your CTI Process In Motion

Setting Your CTI Process In Motion

On 7 December 2022, ENISA CTI-EU 2022 took place in Brussels. I had the pleasure to present about putting how CTI teams can put their CTI process in motion. The problem statement was how CTI teams track the work they do and manage the CTI knowledge they produce. I elaborated on the value of workflow and case management for CTI teams and some basic ingredients for success.

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ENISA CTI-EU 2022 Conference

ENISA CTI-EU 2022 Conference

ENISA organises the fourth edition of the CTI-EU event on 7 December 2022 in Brussels. This is a great opportunity for the CTI Community to review the most relevant topics on the domain. The main objective of the CTI-EU event is to bring experts, researchers, practitioners and academics together to promote the dialogue and envision the future of Cyber Threat Intelligence for Europe. The participation is free of charge.

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FIRST CTI Symposium 2022 Recap

FIRST CTI Symposium 2022 Recap

All good things come to an end! FIRST CTI Symposium 2022 took place on 1, 2, and 3 of November 2022 and was a BLAST! If I chose one word to summarise what I felt during the conference days, I would say COMMUNITY is the right one. 300 CTI people from all over the world got connected after 2,5 years of work and virtual conferences from their home office.

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Top 25 CTI Presos for 2020 (pandemic version)

Hey folks! 2020 was a year to remember mostly because of non-CTI related stuff. Every year I write a blog post about my top CTI presentations but this time I am a little bit late (aren’t we still in 2020 mode in any case?).

Due to the pandemic, we had the opportunity to participate in many online conferences/summits and watch lots of presentations. See below (in random order) the CTI presentations I enjoyed most, learned something that I applied to my day-to-day work, and gave me insights into cyber threats and CTI practices.

Hopefully this year we will have more F2F conferences and interaction. Enjoy and stay safe!

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FIRST CTI Symposium 2020 Agenda is out!!

FIRST CTI Symposium will take place from 9 to 11 March in Zurich. There will be one day of training followed by two days of plenary sessions. This event will be open to both FIRST members and non-members.

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ENISA CTI-EU 2020 Recap


On 30 and 31 of January, ENISA CTI-EU 2020 took place in Brussels. The conference was a splendid CTI bonding event bringing together 20 speakers, 160 participants and 9 vendors of CTI products.

ENISA did a great job to bring together all the above stakeholders and build an environment for connecting and exchanging ideas regarding CTI (especially within European context). Such an event is much needed within Europe since there are not a lot of opportunities to connect CTI peers from the industry with people from the public sector and from the European Commission.

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Top 20 CTI Presentations for 2019

Happy New Year everyone! 2019 was just another interesting year in CTI. Every year I use to list my top 20 CTI presentations. See below the ones I enjoyed most,  I learned something that I used in my day to day work, and gave me insights into cyber threats. I hope you enjoy them and I am looking forward to seeing your favourite ones. Enjoy and let’s have a chat  about them (and about yours) during an upcoming CTI event in 2020! Continue reading “Top 20 CTI Presentations for 2019”