Andreas is a Cyber Threat Intelligence professional with over a decade of experience in cyber security. Having tilted at windmills, Andreas focuses on applying threat intelligence and helping organizations manage threats mostly within the Oil & Gas, Technology, and Financial sectors as well as in European Union’s Agencies and Institutions. Andreas has been contributing to the CTI community since 2012 via reports, his blog, newsletter, conferences, trusted communities, and instructing.

His mission is to help organizations to establish and mature their cyber threat management programs by bringing decade-long insights from applying CTI. His mission also includes embedding of CTI in the EU policymaking through our decade-long collaboration with EU institutions on CTI projects and assessments.

Andreas’ Twitter handle is @asfakian and his website is www.threatintel.eu ! Feel free to reach out!

Other info:

Email: andreas.sfakianakis [ at ] gmail.com

Location: Greece, Crete

Tax Details: VAT EL063594206