ENISA’s Ad-Hoc Working Group on Cyber Threat Landscapes

I am honored to have been appointed as one of the 18 expert members of the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) Ad-hoc Working Group on Cyber Threat Landscapes. The group will offer assistance and expertise in designing, updating, and reviewing CTI methodologies, including the annual ENISA Threat Landscape Report. I am looking forward to work with the rest of the Working Group’s members as well as with ENISA people.

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Guest Lecture @ DTU: “Welcome to the world of CTI”

A couple of months ago, my classmate Xenofon Fafoutis kindly invited me for a guest lecture at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of the Technical University of Denmark. Thus, on 27th April I was pleased to present to DTU students the basic concepts of cyber threat intelligence, the current threat landscape (with a focus on ransomware and state-sponsored threats), as well as the CTI analyst skillset.

See below the slide deck of the lecture:

The References for the guest lecture can be found here .

I would like to thank again Xenofon for inviting me and I really enjoyed the discussions :)

Top 25 CTI Presos for 2020 (pandemic version)

Hey folks! 2020 was a year to remember mostly because of non-CTI related stuff. Every year I write a blog post about my top CTI presentations but this time I am a little bit late (aren’t we still in 2020 mode in any case?).

Due to the pandemic, we had the opportunity to participate in many online conferences/summits and watch lots of presentations. See below (in random order) the CTI presentations I enjoyed most, learned something that I applied to my day-to-day work, and gave me insights into cyber threats and CTI practices.

Hopefully this year we will have more F2F conferences and interaction. Enjoy and stay safe!

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On Sea Turtle campaign targeting Greek governmental organisations

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 13.58.58

On 23 February 2020, greek news media reported that Greece Prime Minister’s office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Intelligence Service and the Greek Police were the targets of an international cyber espionage campaign in April 2019 named Sea Turtle. This is one of the most significant cyber espionage activities against Greece that is publicly known.  Sea Turtle campaign has been initially reported by Cisco Talos Intelligence Group last year.

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FIRST CTI Symposium 2020 Agenda is out!!

FIRST CTI Symposium will take place from 9 to 11 March in Zurich. There will be one day of training followed by two days of plenary sessions. This event will be open to both FIRST members and non-members.

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ENISA CTI-EU 2020 Recap


On 30 and 31 of January, ENISA CTI-EU 2020 took place in Brussels. The conference was a splendid CTI bonding event bringing together 20 speakers, 160 participants and 9 vendors of CTI products.

ENISA did a great job to bring together all the above stakeholders and build an environment for connecting and exchanging ideas regarding CTI (especially within European context). Such an event is much needed within Europe since there are not a lot of opportunities to connect CTI peers from the industry with people from the public sector and from the European Commission.

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